Advanced Design 12 - Pencil

Draw on the lines as illustrated in the diagram with a pencil. Draw these lines very lightly, and they will not show up in the final design.

Front (1): Divide the egg into eighths, as shown.

Front (2): Draw the two lines parallel to the main horizontal and vertical dividing lines. Draw the additional lines close together, as shown.

Front (3): Divide the egg into sections, as shown. Draw a star in each of the six main sections (4 around the egg lengthwise, and one on each side), as shown.

Front (4): In each of the four corners of the squares where the stars are, draw a diamond. Then, draw a curl inside each diamond, as shown.

When you have drawn all the lines in pencil that you wish to, go ahead to White.


Design copyright ©Ann Morash. All Rights Reserved.
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