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updated APR 14 2017

Where to Buy Pysanka Supplies - Eggs

Some of the places below sell hollow ostrich eggs. If you use them, you have to find a way to weight the egg down to prevent it from floating in the dye, and also plug up the holes that were used to empty it (to prevent dye from seeping into the shell from the inside out, and ruining the design). Check out my Hints and Tricks page for some ideas on how to accomplish this.

I am not always informed when the suppliers below move or go out of business. If you discover that one of the suppliers has done either, please email me so I can update this listing. Thanks!

Egg Suppliers

New York
South Dakota

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Donna Johnson
Calgary NW, Alberta
Phone: (587) 228-7525
Email: djohnson2@live.ca
-Sells assorted types of emptied, ready-to-decorate eggs through her etsy shop. She also has workshops and classes - check out her website for details!


Len Kozera
Mooretown, Ontario
Phone: (519) 864-0883
E-mail: fcjenn5@hotmail.com
- Sells ostrich eggs.

White Rock Ostrich Farm
RR # 2
13085 4TH Line
Rockwood, Ontario
Canada N0B 2K0
Phone: (519) 856-2629
Email: whiterockostrichfarm@yahoo.com
- Sells ostrich eggs



Metzer Farms
c/o John Metzer
26000 Old Stage Road
Gonzales, California
USA 93926
Phone: 800-424-7755
Fax: (408) 679-2711
E-mail: metzer@metzerfarms.com
- They sell duck and goose eggs, both individually and in bulk, in a large variety of sizes.

Bracken Ridge Ranch - The Eggers Nest
- Eggs are cleaned without chemicals, they sell a large variety of egg shells to the USA and Canada. They also sell beeswax for pysanky artists! Please visit the site for a full listing of egg types and more information.



Moon In The Pond Farm
816 Barnum Street
Sheffield, Massachusetts
USA 01257
Email: dom@mooninthepond.com
Phone: (413) 229-3092
- Fresh duck and goose eggs for sale. Duck eggs are $8/ doz. and goose eggs are $5 each. They can be blown out for an additional charge of $4/doz. duck and $1 each for goose.


NEVADA » » »

Dominique's Designs
6566 Elk Creek Lane
Las Vegas, Nevada
USA 89156
E-mail: bashfulnv1@aol.com
-She will ship ostrich eggs anywhere--the customer pays shipping. Shipping is Priority Mail in US, International shipping would be up to the customer. Write for more details.


New York » » »

Blue Spoon Farm
520 W. Groton Rd.
Groton, New York USA 13073
Phone: 607)898-9050
E-mail: bluespoonfarm@gmail.com
-She sells fresh goose eggs for $3 each in Central New York. The customer pays shipping, paying FedEx directly. She will not send eggs that may have frozen to customers at a distance (it weakens the shell). She uses FedEx 2 day only. The eggs are not emptied, she only sells fresh, and they are not cleaned with chemicals - she only uses a sponge on any eggs that might be a little more dirty. She accepts Paypal!


OREGON » » »

The Zoo-Illogical Garden
P.O. Box 562
Selma OR
USA 97538
Email: zoilgard@peoplepc.com
- I have limited quantities of blown and cleaned goose eggs; $2.00 apiece + s&h. Email or write for availability.



Beverly's Goose Hatchery
22938 - 434th Ave
Howard, South Dakota
USA 57349 Phone: (605) 772-4303
- She ships goose, duck, ostrich eggs and more worldwide.

Schiltz Foods, Inc.
http://www.schiltzfoods.com or http://www.roastgoose.com
7 W Oak
Sisseton, SD
USA 57262
Phone: (605) 698-7651
Contact: Teresa Kohart
- Goose eggs for sale! Contact for more details and pricing.


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