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updated NOV 24 2017

Pysanky Workshops & Classes - USA (NM - VT)

Do you teach a class or workshop on pysanky? Get it listed here!
I am not affiliated with these teachers; I merely list them for your convenience. If you have a problem or question concerning them, please contact them directly.

If you do not see your province, state, or city here, please check back occasionally, to see if someone has decided to teach in your area.

United States (New Mexico to Vermont)

New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota


City: Santa Fe, New Mexico
Location: by arrangement
Name of Teacher: Melissa Lewis
Phone: (505) 501-6477
Email: mlewisfamily@mac.com
Ages taught: any
Price: negotiable
Info: I teach both using the traditional kistky, and also the simpler "drop-pull" technique. Classes can be designed for adults and/or children in either technique.

City: Maspeth, Queens, New York
Name of Teacher: Francesca Villano
Phone: (718) 326-0423
Email: fresca.villa@verizon.net
Class times: Mondays 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m
Ages taught: adults and older teens
Price: $15.00 per session
Info: Only $15.00 per class, plus $5.00 first session for tools for you to keep. Visit us at purplepetals.net for more details.

City: New York, New York
Location: 222 East 6th Street
Name of Teacher: The Ukrainian Museum
Email: edu@ukrainianmuseum.org
Ages taught: 12+
Info: Please contact The Ukrainian Museum (edu@ukrainianmuseum.org) for more information on available class times.

City: Pittsford, New York
Name of Teacher: Lisa Cooney
Phone: (716) 387-0396
Email: lcooney@rochester.rr.com
Ages taught: 9-99
Price: $24.00
Info: By appointment.

City: Asheville, North Carolina
Location: Studio A, 344 Depot St., Asheville, NC or at your location
Name of Teacher: Andrea Kulish
Phone: (828) 423-6459
Email: andreakulish@gmail.com
Class Times: various
Ages taught: 6 and up
Price: $40 *sliding scale available
Info: All levels. Ages 18 and up at Studio A, ages 6 and up at your location. Please see the site for current workshop dates: http://andrikaspysanky.wordpress.com/

City: Asheville, North Carolina
Location: anywhere in the Asheville area
Name of Teacher: Kim Miller
Phone: (828) 242-5736
Email: ksmiller82@gmail.com
Class Times: throughout the year
Ages taught: 8 to 100
Price: $12.00
Info: Right now I am mainly teaching women's groups through local churches. I bring all the needed supplies to let you try this wonderful art. If you want to continue writing eggs then you can purchase all needed supplies through me at my cost. I do this to continue the 2000 plus year old tradition of writing eggs!

City: Raleigh, North Carolina
Name of Teacher: Cindy FitzGerald
Email: fitzgerald.cindy@gmail.com
Info: I have been writing pysanky for over 25 years - teaching classes and offering seasonal retreats. Following step-by-step instructions, students develop their skills for layout, egg division, pattern design, and color sequence while learning the history and meaning behind this beautiful and prayerful practice. Contact me for times and fees, to arrange a class or retreat (group or individual), or request a demonstration for your gathering.

City: Willow Spring, North Carolina
Name of Teacher: Sharlene Thomas
Phone: (919) 639-8869
Email: info@creativehandz.com
Ages taught: 10 - Adult
Price: $25.00
Info: Have been doing Pysanki for more than 35 years. Now offer 3-4 hour beginner, intermediate, or advanced workshops at your location. Classes run 4 hours. $25 per person, includes supplies. Can teach up to 5 persons in my Creative Handz shop. Call or email for more information.

City: Jamestown, North Dakota
Name of Teacher: Jennifer Moldenhauer
Phone: (701) 269-2162
Email: simplesacredtrue@gmail.com
Ages taught: all
Price: $20.00
Info: I offer scheduled classes and workshops and can also do parties or private lessons. Group rates and multi date discounts available.

City: Fairfield, Ohio
Name of Teacher: Georgia Sawhook
Phone: (513) 829-8296
Email: pastorswife1@gmail.com
Info: I still am teaching workshops in my home. I have a 4 hour "hands on" class. I am a second generation born American and have been making pysanky for 50 years now. The fee is $35 for the entire workshop (less for girl scouts)...and less for groups as they get larger. I also do demos for schools, organizations, ladies' groups, churches, etc. at $45 for the hour. My web site is http://georgiaskitchenandmore.blogspot.com/2010/01/ukrainian-eggs.html (one of 4 pages). I have been selling and shipping pysanky from my site as well. Check it out.

City: Lebanon, Ohio
Location: Warren County Career Center
Name of Teacher: Kate Cole
Phone: (513) 932-5677
Ages taught: 16-21
Info: Please call Kate for more details.

City: Eugene, Oregon
Location: call to inquire
Name of Teacher: Jessica Stinson
Phone: (541) 968-4642
Price: Varies - suitable for children and adults of all levels
Info: I've been decorating pysanky for over 30 years. I studied Russian in high school and college, and lived in the Ukraine. I have taught classes to children and adults in groups ranging from 1-30 students at a time.

City: Hillsboro/Portland, Oregon
Name of Teacher: Natasha H.
Email: natashavictoria@hotmail.com
Ages taught: all
Info: I offer scheduled workshops in the spring and autumn; please contact me for available workshops or to organize one anytime. I offer adult (13+/18+), children's (usually 6+, with supervision) and parent/child group classes. Individual teaching sessions are also available.

City: Lake Oswego/Portland, Oregon
Location: Various NW locations
Name of Teacher: Mary Burgess
Phone: (503) 635-7291
Email: maryhazelb@hotmail.com
Ages taught: all levels
Info: I have been making Pysanky for 25 years and have taught over 2000 people how to create these beautiful eggs. Please contact me for information on upcoming workshops or to schedule a private workshop for your group.

City: Conemaugh, Pennsylvania (just outside Johnstown)
Location: 166 Third Street
Name of Teacher: Paul Yackulich, Jr. + family
Phone: (814) 539-3174
Email: eggsbypauljr@floodcity.net
Info: We carry a complete line of egg decorating supplies all year round, you can purchase them at class time as well. We travel all over, even out of state, teaching this fine art, and teach as many as 32 people in a class. We have been teaching together for over 20 years now and teach about 750 to 900 people a year. We schedule classes all year, in homes, churches, fire halls, banquet rooms, and schools (Catholic and public). Call or write for more information.

City: Fleetwood, Pennsylvania
Name of Teacher: Marni Bowen
Phone: (610) 417-0491
Email: painterg@ptd.net
Ages taught: 12 and up
Info: I can give instruction in my studio, please contact for more information.

City: Fleetwood, Pennsylvania
URL: www.pysankycollectibles.com
Name of Teacher: Helen Badulak
Phone: (610) 406-9238
Email: armcdan@ptd.net
Class times: any time
Ages taught: geared toward experienced adults and children
Price: $25.00 per hour
Info: I've been teaching classes for 36 years and am the author of "Pysanky in the 21st Century," book. Call or write for class dates and times.

City: Hawley, Pennsylvania
Location: Harmony Drive, 18428-6036
Name of Teacher: Carol Rick
Phone: (570) 226-7360
Email: crick@ptd.net
Ages taught: 10+/adults
Price: $15.00
Info: I am an experienced educator who has done demonstrations/hands-on workshops for scout troops, ladies church groups, and women's clubs. I provide instructional materials, beeswax, dyes, kistky, and eggs for my classes. Please contact to set up a date and time.

City: Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania
Name of Teacher: Tammy Budnovitch
Phone: (570) 766-1919
Email: tambud@verizon.net
Ages taught: 16 & up
Price: $15.00
Info: This is a beginner class on making Ukranian pysanky. Cost includes kitska, beeswax, egg, egg design, and additional pysanky printouts. A minimum of 6 for the class if coming to your place of meeting. Additional charge if traveling is more than 25 miles. Please contact me for more info.

City: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Location: Oakland
Name of Teacher: Frances Barrionuevo
Phone: (412) 681-2627
Email: crozetfrancoise@hotmail.com
Class times:
Ages taught: Children - 8 years old minimum, and only with an adult
Price: $20.00
Info: Please call or write for more information.

City: Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania
Location: church halls, homes etc.
Name of Teacher: Jeanne Curtis
Phone: (814) 938-5536
Class times: Contact me by phone for dates & times
Ages taught: 3rd grade to adults
Price: donation to local food pantry
Info: Will provide everything, including eggs, to make a pysanky egg or two! Specializing in scout groups, church groups, after-school programs, etc. Am willing to travel!

City: Riegelsville, Pennsylvania
Location: Arts and Fashion Institute™, 720 Easton Rd, Riegelsville, PA 18077
Contact: Pamela Ptak
Phone: (610) 346-6071
Email: ptakhanna@aol.com
Class times: The week before Easter
Ages taught: all ages
Price: $15-20 for beginners
Info: Experienced artists teach Pysanky Easter Eggs workshops at our private art school & on TV news near Easter. Classic techniques with traditional & modern imagery. Methods: wood/metal kistka, electric kistka, pin head. Different length classes per interest/skill level. Call or write for info. See website for list of classes running: www.ARTSandFASHIONinstitute.com

City: Warriors Mark, Pennsylvania
Location: Various locations in Central Pennsylvania
Name of Teacher: Judith M. Hackman
Phone: (814) 692-4665
Email: Gingerbreadlady@hotmail.com
Class times: 3 1/2 hour classes, most of the year
Ages taught: age 10 and up
Price: $15.00 for beginner class
Info: I usually teach a beginner's course in Ukrainian Eggs for non-profit groups and for $15.00 per person, I supply all the materials needed. If I travel more than 25 miles, then there is a mileage charge.

City: Yardley, Pennsylvania
Location: Tyler Park Center for the Arts
Phone: (267) 918-9172
Email: workshops@tylerparkarts.org
Class times: March 15, 2018 and March 20, 2018. 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Ages taught: 12 and older
Price: $40.00
Info: Fee includes a $10 materials fee. Can register online at http://tylerparkarts.org/egg-design/

City: Charlestown, Rhode Island
Name of Teacher: Lisa Schipritt
Phone: (401) 364-3655
Email: lschipritt@yahoo.com
Info: I teach at local libraries, scout groups, church groups and home group classes all year long. Call or write for more information.    

City: Houston, Texas
Name of Teacher: Ukrainian American Cultural Club of Houston
Info: Please check out their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/UACCHouston or their website: http://www.uacch.net/ for more information on classes each year during Lent.
For 2016!
Location: MKT BAR, Houston, Texas
Phone: (832) 287-2465
Email: uacchclub@gmail.com
Ages taught: all ages
Price: tbc
Info: Basic info posted here. Details will be added closer to the actual date. For questions please email uacchclub@gmail.com

City: Salt Lake City, Utah
Location: Chase Home Museum(Liberty Park)
Name of Teacher: Ingrid K B Hersman
Phone: (801) 631-0319
Email: ihersman@yahoo.com
Class times:
      March 7, 2018 9:30 am - 12:00 pm - Bring two smooth shelled boiled eggs and two emptied dry eggs.
      March 7, 2018 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm - Bring 4 eggs, 2 boiled, 2 emptied.
Ages taught: 10 and up
Price: $25.00

City: Salt Lake City, Utah
Location: Negotiable
Name of Teacher: Cathy Witbeck
Phone: (801) 733-0092
Email: cathywit@comcast.net
Class times: Dates and times flexible
Ages taught: 8 and up
Price: $25.00
Info: Making pysanky is a fun learning experience. It looks very intricate, but I can show you how to 'connect the dots' and simplify to make a beautiful egg of your own. Call me to set up a time and place for a class. Reduced rate for groups.

City: Saratoga Springs, Utah
Location: my home
Name of Teacher: Angeline
Email: ballofcharisma@gmail.com
Class times: flexible
Ages taught: 8 and up
Price: $25
Info: Please contact Angeline for more information.


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