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updated APR 14 2017

Gifts for Pysanka Lovers and Lovers of Ukrainian Culture!
Unique gift ideas for the pysanky lover or fan of Ukrainian culture in your life! Updated for Christmas 2017!

Ann's Ukrainian Gifts

My merchandise site Ann's Ukrainian Gifts has Christmas tree ornaments & Christmas Cards, along with the most popular gift ideas in the shop: Long cooking aprons and dark colored t-shirts in a variety of colors, and mugs for stocking stuffers. These feature a huge range of designs from pysanky, to food humour, and Ukrainian folk artwork!

Powered by Perogies Tee Warhol Pysanka Dark Tee Pysanky Photo Keepsake Box I Love Pysanky Dark Tee Traditional Pattern Ornament

Fun miscellany, from Ukrainian ornaments to kitchen gear, jewelry, and more!

Gorgeous Ukrainian themed design of poppies & wheat from Debra Cherniawsky-Durrer
. See full collection of collectable ceramics by this artist here, from Ukrainian Treasures Studio.

By Ptashka Arts, the original Tryzyb (Tryzub) Tree Ornament!
From Ukrainian Treasures Studio

Hunky Bill Little Pierogi Maker
from Amazon.com

Long Pysanka Dangle Earrings with Embroidery design (sterling silver)
from Yevshan (more earring choices here

Soap sets
from various regions of Ukraine, sold through Yevshan

Eggshell Necklace Pendants
from Yevshan

Egg shaped Nativity Scenes
and other Nativity Scenes from BestPysanky

huge collection of egg stands for your favorite pysanka artist to show off their work
, from Best Pysanky.com

Original Hand Painted Lacquer display plates from Artist Group Sapfir (see more choices
sold through All Things Ukrainian

Beautiful original reverse glass paintings by Ukrainian artist Jaroslav Adamovych
from All Things Ukrainian

Large pysanka magnets
from All Things Ukrainian, great for vehicles!

Limited Edition signed pysanka design books, many with Ukrainian text
from All Things Ukrainian

Pysanky Design/History Books

See more books on my offline resources page

Decorative Egg Holders for Pysanky

See more simple and elaborate egg holders, perfect for pysanky, through companies listed on Amazon.com.

Ukrainian Cookbooks/DVDs

See more books on my offline resources page

Get pysanka starter kits, Ukrainian art, and more

For more suppliers of pysanky gifts and sundry items, see my extensive suppliers listings
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